Geek Wedding Photographer

Do you like cute things? Bunny rabbits? AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHY? Great! My name is Natalie Martin, and we’re going to get along famously!

Photo by: Stephanie Messick Photography at our engagement session in August 2015! That’s James, the significant other. You might meet him.

When I left behind my Japanese studies, I knew I wanted to pursue something that gave people great joy. It’s taken me years to get here, but when I get asked, “So, what do you do?” I have the best answer! I photograph geeky people on the best day of their lives, and I am absolutely passionate about it! Nerds, dorks, otaku, however you self-identify, everyone is welcome! Don’t get me wrong, I love standard white weddings, too, but there’s nothing quite like photographing the weddings of people who I connect with on an intuitive level. We’ll joke, we’ll talk about sci-fi/fantasy/video games/anime/musicals/other??, I’ll be real with you about the wedding industry, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about my photography, too! I promise, working with me is actually kind of fun.

Photo by: Juniper Spring Photography in December 2015, when I dyed my hair! I kind of love it. It’s awesome when it’s down, but I can tie it back for photo sessions and people don’t even see it!

If you want to know more about me, be sure to check out my Life Behind The Lens series on the blog! Every month or so, I try to post a personal blog post that includes my true loves, Blackjack and Mini. Aren’t they adorable! 😀 Oh, I guess I talk about my cooking/coffee adventures, too. And other stuff. Things. Etc.

Photo by: ME! 2016: The Year of the Rabbit Grumps.

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