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Rodeo Beach Engagement: Duarte & Sara

Posted March 27, 2017 at 8:00 am

Rodeo Beach Engagement

This Rodeo Beach engagement session with Sara and Duarte was magical. I still look at these photos and can’t wrap my mind around how I managed to capture them and the environment together in all its crazy, gorgeous beauty. It was cloudy when we all pulled up but, of course, it is the Marin Headlands. I always explain to people that this part of the world is so green and isn’t in the same amount drought as the rest of California because, frankly, it’s always covered with fog. Still, I was determined to make use of that huge open gray above us and all the soft light it afforded us…

I always love to include a few photos with silly faces. Why? Because it’s who you are, and it’s who I am. There are the looks of love between two people, and then there’s the meat of who they are on the day to day together. I love presenting as many sides as I can.

I just want to stop and talk about this photo here – it’s easy to scroll by it because horizontals are often less dramatic in blog post form, or on instagram. But I adore these panoramas and just viewed on their own, they’re pretty cool!

There’ll be a similar beach view later, but for now, DRAMATIC FOG.

But about the time we turned around to walk back towards the beach, the sun started peeking out, just in time for those last glowing rays of sunset.

Sorry for showing two images almost the same below, I just can’t resist these gorgeous panoramas!!!

Gold gold gold gold gold!
Rodeo Beach Engagement

Did I mention gold??? Remember that gray beach from earlier? What a difference just a small shift in the lighting and weather makes.
Rodeo Beach Engagement
Rodeo Beach Engagement

Congrats Sara & Duarte, wedding day anniversary buddies! 😀 I hope you guys had a FANTASTIC wedding day because you guys are awesome and this session was amazing!

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