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Roaring Camp Railroads Wedding: Amanda & Jacob

Posted March 6, 2017 at 8:00 am in

The first time I met up with Amanda and Jacob about their Roaring Camp Railroads wedding, they were over 30 minutes late! I soon learned this was par for the course for them. Good thing I love Chromatic Coffee’s pourovers! Fast forward to their wedding day – if you choose to get married up in the redwoods at Roaring Camp Railroads, you have to catch the train with all your wedding guests…and you have to be on time! As everyone got ready for the big day, her bridesmaids begged her, Amanda, please! Just today, be on time! Spoiler: It got a little dicey, but she totally made it!

Everything about Amanda and Jacob’s wedding was classic and beautiful. Add this to the train ride to and from the ceremony site, and you have something really unique. Awesome photographer, Nicole Cross of 43rd Ave Photography joined me for the day. I’ll add some commentary to the photos, so keep reading!

Roaring Camp Railroads Wedding

I remember at this point, after all her bridesmaids had left for the venue, but Amanda’s makeup was still getting done, she said, “I don’t care if there aren’t any pictures, my makeup has to be perfect!”

Hiding behind a flock of parasols so the altar would be their first look!

Roaring Camp Railroads Wedding
I loved how expressive and touchy feely the couple was… plus all the bridesmaids! This girl has a posse that LOVES her and that’s just so amazing.

So, backstory, Jacob is a firefighter, and Amanda wanted to get him a super special gift that reflected his love for the job. She kept this a secret and gave it to him on the train ride back down to the reception venue.

Roaring Camp Railroads Wedding

Roaring Camp Railroads Wedding

The first time I’d seen an indoor bubble blowing entrance… More people should totally do this!

Oh my gosh, all these speeches were so good. They all had this really tight knit group feeling of “We’ve been through SO much together, and it’s so wonderful to see Amanda and Jacob so happy!” that made me smile.

Okay, this cake cutting, guys, is why you need to make sure you get a cake cutting knife. I’m still laughing about this, because it is literally a chef’s knife someone found at the last minute.

Thanks for reading, everyone! Congratulations Amanda and Jacob! <3

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