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This Week in Funny Bunny: It’s a Baby! Edition

Posted February 23, 2017 at 8:00 am

My husband and I are overjoyed to announce the arrival of our huge bundle (15 lbs at his 2 month appt!), David. He decided to make his way into the world via emergency c-section late last December. I labored at home for about 32 hours and spent the last 6 at the hospital!

I believe that we don’t talk nearly enough about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood as a society, but I also don’t want to put my birth story here where I’m supposed to be sunshine and rainbows about weddings. 😛 I’ll make you, my dedicated Funny Bunny readers, the same deal I made my facebook friends – I have my birth story all typed up in a google doc. Just let me know you want to hear and I’ll send it your way! Spoiler: anything that ends in an emergency c-section is traumatic! BUT! We have this adorable cuddle baby, so it’s all totally worth it!

I’m still finding my feet. James had to return from paternity leave early (do NOT get me started), so I had to figure out how to 1) keep a tiny human alive and 2) recover from major surgery without him. But I just counted tonight and I am over THIRTY blog posts behind now! Plus, I’m returning to work soon! I’ll be writing blog posts in between David’s cries, so hopefully I’ll be able to push out some new photos for y’all to look at. Until then, enjoy my ADORABLE baby by clicking through! These first photos were taken by my husband during the labor at home (no naked people, just me looking grumpy 🙂 also bunnies!)…

Thanks for looking! In case you were wondering, I am definitely going to be one of those insufferable parents who can’t stop sharing baby photos. 😀

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