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Wave Organ Engagement: Eyal & Julia

Posted March 22, 2016 at 8:00 am in

If I had to pick an engagement session where I turned on as an artist last year, it was definitely Julia and Eyal’s Wave Organ engagement session. First, let’s all just take a moment and think about how unique these two were CHOOSING the Wave Organ in the first place. For those of you that have never been, the Wave Organ is “wave-activated acoustic sculpture located on a jetty in the San Francisco Bay” done by a couple artists for the Exploratarium (i.e. the source of all awesomeness in the Bay Area) back in the 80s. We tried our best to strain and hear any music, but we think it was either too low tide, or the drought was just making us sad. Who knows!

Anyway, Eyal and Julia were just so hilarious from the get go – they had fun, weren’t afraid of making faces and laughing, and, of course, looked awesome! Because we started a little earlier in the day and the Wave Organ is, in fact, just in direct sunlight, I got to pull out the external flash and blind them, too, which led to more hilarity. After we got our fill at the organ, we walked over to Crissy Field to grab a couple bridge shots and wander through the shadier trees out there. It was SUPER windy (as it always is in that area), so we had a lot of fun keeping Julia’s hair in check. 😛 I love it when women wear their hair down, so I was desperate to capture shots every time the breeze died down. I think we got some great hair action shots, though!

(Unrelatedly, as of this writing, my website seems to have some photos down right now – when I load them up on the server to look at them, they’re there! and the links are all correct, so apologies if this post is littered with little boxes instead of pretty photos 🙁 )

First up! One of my favorite shots on the beach – the way the flash caught the sand and the romance! <3 Wave Organ Engagement
As you can see, the silliness started early.
Wave Organ Engagement
Wave Organ Engagement
I enjoy the way they could hold it together for about 5 seconds and then just lose it.
Wave Organ Engagement
Posing dramatically by a tree… (in case you didn’t get what was going on).

Okay guys, sometimes I ask my couples to try dancing, and most of them really have no idea what to do. It’s fine that you don’t know what to do! It’s totally fine!

Congratulations, Julia and Eyal! Can’t wait to share your AMAZING WEDDING!!!

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