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Oakland Museum of California Engagement: Ningkun & Tad

Posted March 8, 2016 at 8:00 am in

Sorry for the one week hiatus – I got a cold at Lovesick Expo and don’t actually have my social media on auto-pilot! Sigh! Up today, we have Ningkun and Tad’s Oakland Museum of California engagement session. I was super skeptical when they first told me the location, but this place is adorable! We probably circled the whole garden three times before I let them go home. 😛 Also, we made a quick side trip to Lake Merritt, just for kicks! and I proceeded to lose my FitBit on the streets of Oakland. Sigh. RIP Fitbit One. I also have a very distinct memory of telling them about how the parking garage we were in closed at a certain time, and it was possible I saved them from getting locked in. 😂

I really loved these two (like so many of my clients!) from the moment I met them. As graduate students, they were already working my heart strings, but their laughter was pretty infectious. One would start laughing and the other would just lose it as well. Literally everything led to cracking up the whole afternoon, and I appreciate that they didn’t think I was too weird when I was literally creeping in some bushes at one point. “HERE STEP IN THIS MUD PIT IT’LL BE GOOD,” she said. Uh huuuuh, Natalie… “JUMP OFF THIS WALL, YOU’LL BE FINE!” she said…

It’s also funny for me looking back on this session now that I live up here in Oakland and have done a few more photo sessions in the area since last year. Unfamiliar areas that are now familiar…! First up, we’ve got some Oakland Hills in the distance…

Oakland Museum of California Engagement

Oakland Museum of California Engagement
Oakland Museum of California Engagement

That mid-afternoon sun, though!
Oakland Museum of California Engagement

Giggles right up to the end!

Congrats, guys! Can’t wait to share your wedding photos, too!!!

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